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Half Term Highlights

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Welcome back to school Gingko Class! We hope you had a fantastic half term break.

What were the highlights of your week?


  1. Testing!

      Harry — 31/10/2016 @ 15:28

  2. During half term, I went to an awesome Halloween disco at Playshack in Hedge End. I won musical statues. It was a fantastic afternoon.

      William — 07/11/2016 @ 14:19

  3. I don’t remember what I did but on Friday after school I went on holiday to Bashly park with my nanny and grandad but did you know it took an hour to get to Bashly in the car?

      Ava — 07/11/2016 @ 14:33

  4. During Half Term I saw my friend, Eryn. We went to Playshack to play for a while. I had lots of fun!

      Riley — 07/11/2016 @ 14:33

  5. In half term I went to Idvench Wunderland and made 4 new friends.

      Loki — 07/11/2016 @ 14:34

  6. I forgot what happened in the half term but…on the inset day on Friday it was my birthday! My favourite present was diary of a wimpy kid books all ten of them.

      Leo — 07/11/2016 @ 14:36

  7. This half term I went to Fareham and I had a mc donalds it was delicious.

      Lincoln — 07/11/2016 @ 14:37

  8. On the hollidays I went to Scoland to see my gran. We went all around the lochs.

      Finlay — 07/11/2016 @ 14:37

  9. I went to my nans at the half term on Thursday and my cousin Riley came round and we played hide and seek.

      Lacey — 07/11/2016 @ 14:38

  10. I went to Williams house and we had a fire and did cool sparklers and then had fire works in the garden it was awesome. Thursday I went to Harrys Halloween disco then I went to football.

      Jack — 07/11/2016 @ 14:38

  11. I can not remember what I did at half term but on Sunday I went to rugby and on Saturday I went to the fireworks.

      Finley — 07/11/2016 @ 14:38

  12. In the half term I went to a Ruby tournament I got a medal. It was fun on my last match it was 4-4!

      William — 07/11/2016 @ 14:40

  13. I do not remember what I did in the half term but in the weekend on Sunday I went to my Granmar’s and Grandad’s house we went to fairy park it was good.

      Mia — 07/11/2016 @ 14:45

  14. I forgot what I did sorry.
    from ISABELLE

      Isabelle — 07/11/2016 @ 14:46

  15. I loved my half term because we went on a great holiday to the Lake District.

      Bethan — 07/11/2016 @ 14:47

  16. Me and my mum organised a Hallawen party with all of my frends like William and Freddie.

      Harry — 07/11/2016 @ 14:48

  17. I saw fireworks and we snuk into rainbows to see them.

      Rebeka — 07/11/2016 @ 14:49

  18. I went to a Hotel that had 7 Swimming pools. I met a frind called Annie.

      Iona — 07/11/2016 @ 14:49

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